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Welcome to MOPsPROs! If you're looking for a place to connect with the MOPs Community, you found it.
-Ace the Ant
The MOPsPROs community believes in the advancement of the Marketing Operations profession by providing a safe, supportive, inclusive environment that fosters trust, communal learning, and the personal development of all of its members.
“I’ve gotten so much value out of the community, especially the Slack Group! You are doing a killer job, I love it!”
Ellie Lewis
Marketing Automation Specialist
"I have been in these platforms for many years and I still learn new things every day, especially in the MOPsPROs Slack group. The questions that get posted by other members of the group are amazing, and things I have never seen before or wouldn't have even thought of! There are some AMAZING people in that group. It's platform agnostic, so you can ask about anything. I highly suggest you join."
Kelly Jo Horton
"There are thousands of blogs out there that the people in MOPsPROs have written, but you can just ask them one on one and know that people are going to help you.”
Chelsea Kiko
4x Marketo Champion, McGraw Hill MOPs, #Fearless50, MCSA, 2019 Champion of the Year Revvie Finalist, MarTech Leader

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MOPsPROs is a community of marketing operations professionals with the mission of connecting with each other for the advancement of the profession, its acceptance & adoption within marketing organizations.
MOPsTalks is a space for MOPsPROs to meet and hear from their peers in a monthly group meeting. Topics can cover technical challenges, career advancement, issues facing our industry, and more.
MOPsEDU is an educational arm of MOPsPROs with the mission of developing educational content to support marketing ops professionals and persons aspiring to join the profession both through free materials and paid online courses.