MOPs Values

& Group Guidelines

Mission Statement – The MOPsPROs community believes in the advancement of the marketing operations profession by providing a safe, supportive, inclusive environment that fosters trust, communal learning, and the personal development of all of its members.

What this means for us – Creating a safe community means that everyone in this community makes the conscious choice to protect each other, especially those who are marginalized, from risk, danger, harm, or damage be they unjust, physical, emotional, systematic, or mental.

Support within our community means no one is afraid to ask for help. We recognize everyone is on a different journey but that each of our paths crosses MOPs. We support one another through the understanding that we are part of something bigger and if someone is struggling, it is not due to intelligence, it is due to inexperience.

Being inclusive in the MOPsPROs community means we understand each of us is different. We also understand it is those differences that make our community as strong as it is. Inclusion within this community means everyone is welcome here as they are, for who they are, and that everyone is respected and appreciated as valuable members.

Our community is based on trust. Trust that what we say on this platform will not be used against us, trust that the community as a whole is kind and tolerant, and trust that everyone here will be safe and supported.

We are all here to learn, to laugh, to network, to share our wins, and to get help with our struggles. We are each here because we know that when you give, you get more back in return. We are each here because we have far more in common than we have differences and we know those differences make us who we are.

MOPsPROs is a community for everyone. We listen to hear, collaborate to learn and advocate for our members.

In an effort to ensure our values are exemplified by the group, we ask that everyone adhere to the following group rules.

Rule 1: Code of Conduct

Racism, discrimination, hate speech, bullying, abuse, harassment or otherwise unacceptable behavior will absolutely not be tolerated. Report all instances immediately to the admins and offending members will be permanently banned from the group.

Rule 2: Adding New Members

You are welcome to invite colleagues to the group if they would find the content here helpful and relevant! We are particularly looking for people to be equitable participants here -– receiving AND giving help and advice. You can share this landing page to any of your colleagues or friends, and their request for an invite will be submitted for approval. If their request has received no action after 3 business days, please reach out to us directly. If you have questions about why your invitation request was denied, please reach out to us directly. Generally, we accept anyone who works in a relevant field (MOPs/Marketing/RevOps/DG) and is not employed by a major Marketing Automation Platform.

Rule 3: Sales and Self-Promotion

We don’t have a lot of rules, but this is a big one: no selling here. We want to keep our members and their conversation focused on helping each other from their lived experiences as MOPs professionals, not selling them solutions or services. This includes sourcing information for bus-dev reasons and contacting directly inside our outside of the group, or posting sales/promo messaging in public or private channels. If you post something that violates this rule, it will be removed and you will receive one warning. On the next offense you will be removed from the group. If you are found to be privately messaging members of the group with sales or promotional messaging, you will be removed on first offense.

Rule 4: Sharing

What you say here, stays here. Screenshotting/copy pasting/otherwise referencing messages, whether in public channels or private DMs, and sharing to groups or individuals outside of this one will absolutely not be tolerated. We all need a safe space to vent sometimes without fear that things we say may be exposed to someone we didn’t intend. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, you will be removed from the group on the first offense.

Rule 5: Religion & Politics

We have a policy against any posting, sharing, or commenting that involves religion and/or politics. Any commentary that can considered inflammatory will be immediately removed at the discretion of the admin team. Again, this is a safe, supportive, and inclusive space and that means showing thoughtfulness and consideration regarding each members unique experience.