Configuring a Zoom Webinar for Marketo Engage and Salesforce

June 4, 2020
Ian Shields

At first glance, connecting a Zoom webinar to Marketo Engage and Salesforce may seem overwhelming. Integration into your current technology stack can be especially time-consuming because of subtle nuances and data flows. Breathe and say your mantra. You got this.

This step-by-step guide walks you through the entire journey (like a recipe) with little celebrations along the way. Our Zoom and Marketo setup process is based on hands-on research, best practices, and testing. We use the Zoom for Marketo Launchpoint (API) and not the webhook. Preparation and setup are key to create a great user experience. You may need to adjust this process to fit your organizational requirements and goals.

Update: Zoom has discontinued their v1 API as of May 31, 2020. Zoom’s website states: “After May 30, all Zoom applications on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform. Learn more on how to update your Zoom application or update now.” Learn more on how to update your Zoom application or update now.”


Initial setup of Zoom for Marketo Getting Started with Zoom for Marketo

A good recipe shares little tips, tricks, and techniques. Those are written in another post, “10 lessons learned from the integration between Zoom webinar and Marketo Engage.” (coming soon!)

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Details Needed 4+ Weeks Before Webinar for Setup

⚬ Target audience
⚬ Title
⚬ Description
⚬ Panelists: Speaker(s) & Moderator
⚬ Start Date
⚬ Start Time
⚬ Duration (in minutes)
⚬ Landing page URL
⚬ Confirmation page URL
⚬ Promotional email copy
⚬ Post-Webinar email copy

Initial Setup for Zoom, Marketo and Salesforce

Create a Salesforce Campaign

1. Create a new Salesforce campaign for each webinar
2. Login to Salesforce > Go to Webinars (Parent Campaign) > Click Child Campaign (top right)

3. After clicking Save, change the campaign Status to In Progress
4. Congrats on setting up the Salesforce Campaign. Confirm campaign member status aligns with the Marketo program status with your admin(s). Put down that cocktail. Open a new tab in your web browser and continue to set up the webinar in Zoom.

Schedule Zoom Webinar

1. Login to Zoom Webinars page
2. Click blue Schedule a Webinar button
3. Under the Use a template drop down, select YYYY-MM-DD WBN Marketing Webinar
4. Update the webinar details and options:

5. Under registration, ✅ Required. This must be checked to allow registrations from Marketo form/landing page. Without this box checked, the registrant will not receive a confirmation email from Zoom and the {{member.webinar url}} token in Marketo will not populate.
6. Leave the video and audio settings to default (i.e. Video Off and Audio Both)
7. Check the following webinar options:

✅ Q&A

✅ Enable Practice Session

✅ Record the webinar automatically

✅ In cloud

8. Click Schedule and leave the tab open. Put down that cocktail 🍸

9. After scheduling, click the invitations tab and edit Invite Panelists. Add each panelist by name and email address and click Save.
10. Open a new tab in your web browser and continue to set up the webinar in Marketo. Put down that cocktail 🍸. Open a new tab in your web browser and continue to set up the webinar in Marketo.

Create Marketo Program

1. Login to Marketo
2. Navigate to Operational > !Marketo Program Templates > WBN-YYY-MM-DD Zoom Webinar
3. Right click the webinar template program and click Clone. (See screenshot below for details)

If you’ve not established your Marketo program template for Zoom webinars, then use this as your start to efficiency and scale. Create your webinar channel (Admin > Tags > Channel) with program status: Invited, Waitlisted, Registered, No Show, Attended, and Attended On-demand. Your program should have smart campaigns to send email invites as well as follow-up emails. Track webinar status changes from Zoom with the trigger “program status is changed” and two additional criteria of “Old Status” and. “New Status.”

4. Populate all Local Tokens for the new Marketo webinar. (See details below)

5. Complete the setup of the Marketo program. This does not include email copy, image creation, testing, and approval(s). One more step before you can enjoy your congratulatory cocktail 🍸.

Connect Zoom webinar with Marketo Program

1. In Marketo, select the current webinar program
2. On the Overview tab, click Event Actions > Event Settings (See screenshot below for details)

3. Click SAVE
4. Pick up that cocktail, you earned it! The setup of your Salesforce campaign, Zoom webinar, and Marketo Program is complete.

We hope Zoom webinars are now easier for you to create and scale.